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Breathe… relax… Absinthe will be out soon!

Published May 6, 2015 by robinhsoprano

Hello friends!  I have finished my second novel a Mysterious paranormal Romance simply titled…..ABSINTHE.

I am starting re-writes soon and then I will send it to my editor, she will have it for a while then back to me to clean it up some more. The process of your first draft may take months, then you need a breather, walk away for a few days then read it and fix words you have missed..sentence structure, grammar. Or you may want to totally change dialog…what sounded good in the first place can later make you cringe! Remember nothing is written in stone not until it is published…and even then you can fix things that slip by. Bottom line you want it as clean as you can for your editor…true we hire them to fix our madness of punctuation and grammatical errors…but truly a re-write is for us, the writer, the creator of that wonderful universe we came up with to take you the reader, on a magical journey.  I always get to feeling anxious or nervous around this time after I finish writing a book. The first time was way worse! This time I am excited  and all of the above feelings but I feel a little more controlled.  I want to take my time and put out quality. Writing comes from my heart. so I want to make sure the world can understand it and hopefully enjoy my stories… that being said how about a little taste of some Absinthe……….

End of chapter 2 and into chapter 3. Unedited.

I came across another entry in the note book. Dated August 20th 1820.

May this house and all who reside on its foundation be safe from darkness. May your peace be protected around and within. May purest of hearts have good fortune from your beginning and unto your end be guided to the light away from sin. Toast to good spirits in welcome.

Something in that passage made me feel very warm and comforted. I gaze at the sealed bottle before me. I stood, looking around for a paper cup. I opened the bottle of this 200 year old Absinthe. It smells the same as the the one Jack let me try. I pour a little bit into a dixie cup, holding it up to my new house making the toast repeating the passage.. and drank it down…


I woke the next morning with my head on my computer desk, a little foggy and confused about why I am here and not in my bed. My neck is stiff and my lower back aches in pain from being slumped over. “What the hell?” I say to myself. I gaze around the room, everything seems normal. The sun is way high up brightening my office, I glance at the screen 11am. I slept way to long. Then my eyes dart into the content written. “What is this?” I move the mouse up and down and up again. I start to read, at first I think it is something I left open when I researched the history of my new house. I keep reading… the more I read the more I realize I am the one who apparently tapped on the keyboard and wrote these paragraphs, but when? I don’t remember doing it at all….

My name is Prudence Henriod- Ravensdale. I was born in France in 1777. I came to the states in 1898. I had to leave to save myself from the danger that had darkened my sister’s life and mine. When I arrived I was 21 years of age. I didn’t take much with me but a small amount of money given to me as payment from an evil man named  Marcellis Dubied. He wanted the recipe of the elixer we made to heal the sick. It was our secret and we did not want to divulge our ingredients to him or any other. Only the purest of hearts and family bloodline can understand it. He threatened to reveal us as witches. I am a healer but many fear what they do not understand. Dubied killed our friend, Dr. Ordinaire thinking this would scare us into giving him our secret. It did not, Oh  how I miss our dear friend.  My Sister Jonet was forced into a marriage to Dubied’s Nephew. I fled my country and came to America. I never saw my sister again.  Dubied wanted us to use our gifts and market our healing elixir , but we never gave him the proper recipe. We left out one important healing herb and after some time  had passed he some how caught on. But the green liquid began to get popular more so then all the wine in France.  Dubied partnered  with  wine maker Louie Parnod, opened distilleries, they named our elixir  Absinthe and their fortune rolled in.

 WHEW!!!  I bet you can’t wait to know what happens next!!  I hope you enjoyed my little taste of Absinthe…Stay tuned, Stay with me, be patient.. Breathe relax, wait for that one sip to take you on a magical adventure.

Dream ~ Wish ~ Believe!

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