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The Casa Monica in historic St. Augustine

Published May 21, 2014 by robinhsoprano

Hello friends the other day i spent the afternoon in the oldest city in the world, St. Augustine Florida. i wanted to share with all of you the very important place in my book (A Soul Mates Promise) where my main two characters go for a Halloween weekend get away while staying at the beautiful Casa Monica!! they walk up and down St. George St. take in the sights go on a ghost tour, and find themselves talking to a powerful medium, and that is when things really get fun! enjoy the video!
in the meantime i am brushing up my story and the editor is ready when i am! very soon my friends very soon….good things take time and i can’t wait to transport all of you into my story! until next time friends! chat soon!

Quote from Emily Bronte.

Published May 12, 2014 by robinhsoprano

While writing my book not only music ignited inspiration, but quotes from other Authors. This one in particular from Emily Bronte, I even used it to hi-light a chapter in the book….it works perfect in my story A SOUL MATES PROMISE~


                                                He is more myself then I am. 

                                             Whatever our souls are made of

                                               His and mine are the same~

Music an Inspiration for my book/ Story

Published May 9, 2014 by robinhsoprano

Just a tiny teaser today…enjoy!!

This is Sal and Gracie’s song, in my book A Soul Mates Promise, they hear it coming out of an old candle shop in St. Augustine…


We hung out there on the sidewalk listening for a moment, “This song is hauntingly beautiful”.

I stood still eyes closed feeling the music when Sal wrapped his arms around me and we looked into each others eyes, he kissed me..tenderly…he whispered, “Your hauntingly beautiful”~

Music inspired my story and Kept me writing from the heart~

Published May 9, 2014 by robinhsoprano

In My story, Sal & Gracie’s Song is …A time To Say Goodby.. i have a few scenes where they dance to it. for example, they hear it coming from a candle shop in St. Augustine and they take a moment and slow dance right there on the sidewalk….

“This song is hauntingly beautiful” I stood there with my eyes closed feeling the music when Sal wrapped his arms around me, we looked into each others eyes and he kissed me, tenderly, he whispered….”Your hauntingly beautiful…”

A Taste on Tuesday~ A Soul Mates Promise. First Kiss!

Published May 6, 2014 by robinhsoprano

                                                I put the key in and opened the door and flipped on some lights.

As I turned to say thank you,  Sal reached around my waist and gently pulled me into him, he looked into my eyes and slowly dove in giving me a warm kiss! At first I was stunned, then I went limp, he felt my body relax and knew it was okay to proceed. His kiss got more intense and I put my arms around his strong neck.  After a moment he put his hands on my face and slowly pulled away keeping our foreheads connected. “Are you okay with that?”  he whispered.  I could not speak, best I could do was nod my head up and down, his kiss took my breath away and made me weak, he smiled and came in again. Our kiss was deeper, our lips parted more, and when he finally came up for air, he reached up with his fingers and brushed the hair out of my eyes and said, “That was nice, I’ll see you tomorrow, early on the beach?”

“A..aa..a yea..okay..”  I stuttered.  Sal took a slight step back and grabbed my chin with his thumb and finger and raised my face a bit to look into my eyes as if he was searching for something,  then he smiled at me and chuckled, “sleep good tonight princess.”  He turned and went back home.

                                                                       I went into my house shut the door ran up the stairs with Toby who was not too happy with me at the moment, I sat on my bed in complete and utter shock! I gotta say I didn’t see that coming..not this soon anyway! I sat there a little shaky but good, Oh man Ive been out of the dating scene for a long time, should I put the breaks on?

                                                  Thanks for reading my friends! side note.. Toby is Gracie’s dog!  Stay tuned for an other taste, I hope you enjoyed it!!

A soul Mates Promise…

Published May 1, 2014 by robinhsoprano

                                             In early September I started to write my book, about a month in i took a writing class, and found there’s really no wrong way to write one.. found out, There are 3 rules for writing a novel…and no one knows what they are?! (giggle)! Writing this story, sometimes, i didn’t know where it was going to go but i found the story told me.. Most writer’s will tell you to write everyday, I did not.  My creativity seems to come in waves for me, and once i do sit down and write, i can be there for over 8 hours, especially if  I’m on a roll.

                                                                                      Finally my story came to it’s completion in March! I was totally overwhelmed! I could not believe I did it!!  Then Feelings of Happiness mixed with depression took over….very hard to explain why?  Truly i still don’t know, but, all i can think is, first book, i puked it out from somewhere deep inside, almost if it was a diary!

                                                                   All I can say now is the world will get to read it soon and i truly hope it touches people and takes them on a far away journey as it did me while writing it….

                                                                            A Soul Mates Promise.   Is a romantic love story about a lonely woman who finally finds who she believes is her soul mate when she starts to have clear and vivid dreams of past lives, but always some kind of tragedy breaks them apart.  Can the two of them end this cycle, or can destiny help them along…

                                                                         Soon I will put a teaser up on here for you all to get a taste and get your appetite ready for the book!!

Tell me…. do you believe we  have soul mates?  The research i did for the book told me yes, and they are all not necessarily romantic. They can be friends, or family…we may appear different, but our heart and or soul recognizes them. Sometimes we are just not open or too busy to notice… Until next week my friends!

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